Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christian Weston Chandler: Catching the Big Catfish

In the wake of the media’s obsession with the Manti Te’o story, and the television show Catfish, concerning online relationships in which one party claims to be somebody they’re not, I wanted to uncover the biggest Catfish of them all. Normally the articles on this site are music related but this occasion called for breaking the mold.

Meet Christian Weston Chandler, also known as “Chris Chan”, somehow he is unknown to the media. Maybe it is because Te’o is a handsome, hulking football star, and Chris is an obese, unemployed welfare recipient. But the bamboozling that Te’o or anyone on Catfish has experienced is absolutely nothing compared to Chris’s saga.

Through internet trolls, Chris has been tricked into believing he had an online girlfriend, making a video of himself having sex with a blowup doll for her, driving 800+ miles in an unsuccessful attempt to meet her, and the next day find out he’d been duped by a 13-year-old boy. Unfortunately for Chris there have been many incidents of people convincing him they were his online sweetheart, only to use this position to acquire embarrassing acts and information from him. And to top it all off Chris, rather than any of his perpetrators, faced jail time for assaulting a local person that he delusionally thought was behind it all. 

With the media’s new obsession with “catfishing” and their longheld infatuation with stories about cyberbullying, both of which Chris seems to be the ultimate victim of, it’s a wonder that no one outside of internet forums have picked up on his story. Maybe it’s because the full story involves ableism, agism, sexism, racism, transgenderism, autism, homophobia, male on female sexual harassment, male on male sexual harassment, child on adult sexual harassment, false accusations of rape and molestation, prostitution, assault against law enforcement, death threats, and death. Maybe it’s because it begs to ask questions people don’t like to discuss; Where does remorse end and begin? What do we do with our mentally ill? Who is fit to parent? Has the law failed to protect the most vulnerable of people? Can we laugh at that?

This is not the story in its fullest, for that I’ve spent the last few months working on a book that will eventually see the light of day, but this is the condensed version of what you need to know. 

The best place to start would be to explain Chris. He is 30 years old, has been unemployed for over a decade, and has never moved out of his parent’s house. He’s also a high functioning Autistic, and according to him (which should always be taken with a grain of salt), was initially diagnosed to be so stricken with Autism that he'd never even be able to attend high school let alone write his own name. Whatever the truth is, the fact that Chris has been able to write and draw an entire self-made comic book series is a feat he should be proud of. 

Chris is the creator of Sonichu, a character birthed in his mind by merging two of his favorite video game characters, his “life long hero” Sonic the Hedgehog and the popular Pokemon character Pikachu. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many characters in Chris’s fictional comic world, the city-state he’s dubbed “CWCville”. One such character is a fictionalized version of Chris himself where he is the physically fit, all-powerful Mayor, ruling with no checks or balances.

The first issues of the online Sonichu comics were uploaded in 2005 and received little fanfare, but when Chris printed out business cards with the url of his website things started to snowball. Despite not being a student there, he went to the nearby University of Virginia library and planted business cards. A link to the Sonichu site would appear on a UVA student’s livejournal page and made it on to the popular internet message board 4chan. From there Sonichu and the then unseen to the internet Chris made it on to Encyclopedia Dramatica, a popular wiki with pages on all sorts of internet oddballs. As his page continued to grow with information found about him and each new issue of Sonichu, he was eventually given his own wiki known as the “CWCki”. In time this site would document every aspect of his life, and provide most of the information found here.

Chris’s impending fame took a huge turn in 2007 when a photo of him was uploaded on to Encyclopedia Dramatica. The blurry photo was taken at “The Game Place”, a card and hobby store where Chris went to play the Pokemon card game, sometimes dressed as Pokemon protagonist “Ash”, often against children half his age. The photographer was a kid named Daniel Mimms who had become upset with the angry attitude displayed by Chris during card games. Upon discovering the Encyclopedia Dramatica page, Mimms took a cell phone picture of Chris and uploaded it.

Before going further I should elaborate on Chris’s anger issues. He spent six years at Piedmont Virginia Community College and during that period had numerous temper problems. The day he turned 21 he was kicked out of an English class over an argument with the teacher and was left sitting in the hallway crying. He came to the sudden realization that he needed someone’s shoulder to cry on and put into plans what he called his “Love Quest”.

Fed up with his lack of a love life he came into school wearing the following sign:
“21 and Single White Male…

*Shy –Smart – Young at Heart – Computer Skilled

*Humorous – A great thinker and go-getter – “Natural salesperson” –Enjoys good parts of life

*Diplomatic –Friendly –Loves his family –Peaceful –Very Creative –He’s lonely  


*18-21 years of age 

*does not already have a boyfriend 


*Average to Slender Weight/Body Type –White –Lives in Charlottesville or Ruckersville area

*Does NOT Smoke or Drink Alcohol –Happy, Positive Personality

*Average/High Income –Drives a vehicle

If any men read this huge sign…


(And to all MEN with girlfriends, except marrieds and blacks, go jump off a cliff)

Have a nice day”

Given the anger and racism, coupled with the fact that she saw it as an attempt to solicit sex, the school’s Dean of Student Services, Mary Lee Walsh, tore the sign down. Against her warning, Chris continued to wear the sign (including to his local mall where he would be arrested for loitering). Walsh scheduled a meeting in her office with Chris, where he started talking to Sonichu (pretending that he was in the office with them) and yelling that he would put a curse on her. This resulted in a year long suspension

Mary Lee Walsh would be written in to the comics, becoming the series archenemy. Despite her scholarly position, and being a published author, you’d have to go to the seventh google result for her name to learn this, finding her school profile nestled below nude drawings of her cartoon character. Introduced in “Sonichu #2” riding a broom and carrying a scepter, she was defeated through a curse Chris casts on her but would return in future issues.

Upon discovering that his Sonichu issues were gaining views, Chris appeared on youtube in a self-shot webcam video addressing his fans. His odd appearance (which included a self crafted medallion of Sonichu’s face worn around his neck), odd speaking voice, and even odder details he divulged about his life, only fanned further interest among fans.

This is around the point where the line between amused fans and sadistic internet trolls became blurred. Through online abuse the soft-spoken innocent looking Chris seen in his first youtube address would become almost unrecognizable in his later videos, and while those picking on an Autistic are easy targets, Chris himself deserves some blame for his downfall.

What started out as a quest for a girlfriend turned into Chris sexually harassing a friend named Megan. Chris met Megan at The Game Place in 2005, and she repeatedly told him she wasn’t interested in a relationship beyond friendship. After his e-mail was hacked by trolls, correspondence from Megan was leaked onto the CWCki revealing statements such as:

June 25th 2006:
So why do you keep getting too close and touching me? I REALLY don't like it at all. I know you said cause you have feelings for me and it's hard for you. But (I'm sorry, this sounds mean) you really need to try and get over it.
 July 15th 2006:
I'm just a little mad that I have to keep telling you to PLEASE stop touching me! It's like you're not wanting to listen to me! I tell you, then you say ok, but eventually you're back to the same tricks, and this time I really MEAN IT!! Even my other friends don't like it and think it's weird. So once and for all could you PLEASE STOP? You KNOW I don't like it so why do you keep doing it? It's not like you're gonna try and soften me or something.

So, I don't wanna have to tell you again or I might get really angry. Cause you know unwanted remarks, or advances to a girl is Sexual Harassment and I don't take that lightly. Ok? So can you understand now?

April 30th 2007:
PLEASE minimize your touchy-ness. You KNOW WELL I dislike it, and I keep reminding you.

August 8th 2007:
When I say "don't touch me" that means DON'T TOUCH ME! What may seem friendly to you is sexual harrasment to me. You whine that you're just being friendly but you obviously have no consideration for my feelings.

Things between Megan and Chris came to a head shortly after Chris discovered his Encyclopedia Dramatica page. Disturbed that trolls had been drawing homosexually graphic Sonichu fanart and uploading it to the page, he decided to draw heterosexually graphic images of Sonichu characters and uploaded those in their place. One of these drawings included Chris, wearing only his Sonichu medallion, fingering a nude Megan. In March 2008, when Megan became aware of this she broke off all contact with him.

The end of any contact with his real-life female friend and love interest helped set in to motion the trap of a long series of fake internet girlfriends. The first was Blanca Weiss an identity created by internet trolls in an elaborate effort to get Chris’s Sonichu medallion. Blanca first wrote Chris fan mail in August 2008. They continued to talk through emails and by September she asked that he snail mail her his medallion as a testament of love. With Chris agreeing to part with it, the medallion ended up being destroyed in a video uploaded to youtube.

Despite people telling him otherwise, Chris refused to believe that Blanca was a troll. He suggested that neighbors who stole her mail were the ones who destroyed the medallion. Chris would also send her nude pictures of himself which were leaked on to the internet a few days later. That same day Blanca’s myspace page was updated to reveal that she was a black transvestite wearing a pickle suit.

Less then two weeks after the Blanca reveal, Chris would rebound with another internet troll going by the name Sarah McKenzie. In the handful of chats between the two of them the conversation often delved into things of a sexual nature. Sarah claimed dogs turned her on and Chris said he would have sex with one for her (he never did). He did however send her videos of him masturbating which were leaked online.

Conveniently Sarah lived in Australia. In a New Years Eve chat, Chris let her know that they’d still be together but that he was going to resume his “local search for a sweetheart”. He would look to a girl who lived only as far as a fictional European country.

Julie was the trollsona of a 13-year-old boy using the screen name Bluespike. She claimed to be from the country of “Molvania” and first appeared as one of the participants in an online fan chat with Chris. As she continued to show up in chats, Chris became more interested in her. Within a week of them first talking online Chris promised her his virginity.

By now trolls were collaborating as a group in order to most efficiently dupe Chris. When info was obtained it was shared amongst them before being leaked to the CWCki. So when Chris promised Julie his virginity, they knew he had made the same promise to Sarah and arranged a chat for all of them. The outcome, crafted like something from a sitcom, was both girls proclaiming that Chris had promised to book a room for them at a hotel, for which they would fly out and have sex with him. After a Jerry Springer-style shout-out between them, Chris chose Sarah, which resulted in Julie threatening suicide. He consoled her by promising an eventual threesome.

The catalyst for the end of Chris’s relationship with Sarah and the beginning of his one with Julie was another troll named Clyde Cash. Whether Clyde is the alias of the leader of a gang of trolls, or just a persona with a gang of trolls behind it is unknown. Either way he would join the ranks of Mary Lee Walsh as Chris’s enemy, in and out of the comics, but the back-story trolls gave him was something more out of Batman.

Clyde’s trollsona was birthed from the story that shortly before Christmas 2008, he entered his younger brother Ryan’s room with a tray of gingerbread men. Clyde had a tradition of reading Ryan to sleep with Sonichu comics, but this night he found him hanging from a noose, with a note left behind claiming that Chris’s hiatus of new Sonichu content was too much to bear. Clyde vowed to enact his revenge.

His first evil deed against Chris was going to Australia to rape Sarah. In a chat with Chris, Sarah revealed she was now carrying Clyde’s child, and was going to move in with Clyde to raise the kid. As a response to this, Chris looked to Julie (who had relocated from Molvania to Ohio) to be his new girlfriend. Clyde threatened to kill Julie unless the adamantly homophobic Chris posted a video admitting that he was gay, which he did.

That Valentine’s Day, Chris took the relationship to a new level by having cyber sex with Julie (keep in mind the person pretending to be Julie is a 13 year old boy). During the audio session, which Bluespike recorded, Chris was about to loudly climax, only to have his father enter the room. This lead the session to an abrupt end. Trolls had timed it up and called Chris’s dad on the phone to tell him Chris was about to kill himself live on webcam, ensuring that he would walk in on him.

When the audio was leaked as well as a video Chris made for Julie in which he’s having sex with a blowup doll, Julie blamed it on her mischievous brother Max, who she claimed discovered the files saved on her computer. Despite everything else that was leaked being the work of the trolling group, Chris didn’t doubt her claims.

Throughout February, Julie tried to lure Chris to Cleveland, Ohio, with the promise that she would have sex with him. Things took a turn on February 23rd when Max (whose speaking voice is almost identical to Julie) informed Chris that he and Clyde had kidnapped Julie and, unless Chris rescued her, planned on sending her back to Molvania. 

The next morning Chris took off without informing his parents, leaving only a note detailing the trip. When his parents found it they called the police and filed a missing persons report. Chris had never driven over 50 miles out of his hometown before, and they worried he would get killed.

After driving for over 400 miles, Chris arrived at the address he had been given and found a run-down old house with an elderly woman residing in it. Neither the woman, nor anyone else in the neighborhood, had heard of Julie or Max. Chris turned around and arrived home safely at 3AM.

The next day, Chris received a call from Max who claimed he was ready to send Julie to Molvania unless Chris complied with his demands. He asked Chris to shove his Sonichu medallion up his ass. Chris proceeded to cut it into two halves, and the next thing heard was a painful groan. Max finally agreed to let Chris speak with Julie who had a revelation to make, “This whole time,'ve been having sex with a thirteen-year-old boy, you sick fuck!” 

In addition to this embarrassment, the blow-up doll sex video that Bluespike had gotten from Chris was uploaded to a porn site where it received over 3 million views and Chris’s Playstation account was hacked after sharing his password with Julie. He was further embarrassed when he got his account back in exchange for making a video of himself humping his Playstation 3.

A few weeks after the Bluespike revelation, possibly thinking that Chris could never again fall for the online girlfriend scam, trolls moved into new territory by having one of them ask Chris out for a real life date. He agreed to an in-person meeting at the mall with Emily, the supposed head of a Sonichu fan club.

After an uncomfortable dinner in the food court, Chris and Emily took a walk around the mall where he tried to flirt with her. They were approached by a man dressed in a pickle suit (a la the Blanca myspace account), who asked Emily to ditch Chris and go see a movie with him. Emily agreed to the invitation and left Chris flustered and yelling, “HE KNOW’S CLYDE CASH!” That night Clyde sent hookers to Chris’s house as an act of reconciliation, but Chris’s parents called the police.

After this debacle Chris again returned to the internet for his love quest, and found Ivy. Unlike some of his previous girlfriends who were run by a committee of trolls, Ivy was a singular person seemingly unaffiliated with Clyde Cash and the others. Ivy started out as a fan of Chris, first contacting him to ask for a shout out to her and a friend in one of his youtube videos. Chris complied with this and by the 20th was posting videos proclaiming his love for her. Ivy decided to play along.

Chris's drawing of himself and Ivy


During this time Chris fell another trap. A troll pretending to be Disney Channel actress Vanessa Hudgens had started using him for laughs and monetary gains. In this case the troll was someone Chris actually knew in real life, a former classmate named Joshua Martinez who convinced Chris that he was a friend of Vanessa’s and she could launch him into a successful career as a movie star. 

Chris had a number of online chats with Vanessa who tried to steal him from Ivy. At first Chris refused her sexual advances towards him but eventually gave in to a cyber sex session in which he yelled, “SHAZZAM!” upon climax and told Vanessa he loved her.

In their next chat Chris told her he was sticking with Ivy, but wanted to arrange a business meeting with Vanessa. She suggested that they meet at the James Madison University campus, and that Chris wear a “Cat in the Hat” hat and a sign saying, “Vanessa- I’m here! I’m here! I’m here, it’s me!” He complied with this and ended up getting accosted by the campus police.

Josh would also arrange multiple meals with Chris at TGI Fridays, claiming that Vanessa would meet them there, with Chris agreeing to pay the bill. Vanessa of course never showed up and Josh used this as a source of free meals.

By now Chris’s family had been working with detectives in an attempt to end their torment. One of the things the detectives found was that there was no record of “Ivy O’Neil” being a real person. In a surprising display of good judgment Chris cut off contact with Ivy. After a few months, another troll told him Ivy committed suicide because of him ignoring her. Sonichu #9 was dedicated in her memory.

With Ivy gone, the summer of 2009 brought yet another fake girlfriend, this time through a more creative trolling scheme. A youtube user created an account under the name “CChanSonicuCWC” and uploaded a video in which he, while impressively impersonating Chris’s voice, fashion style, and mannerisms, claimed to be the REAL Christian Weston Chandler. The man in the video, dubbed by fans as “Liquid Chris” bore a resemblance to Chris’s character in the Sonichu cartoons in that he dressed in Chris’s trademark wardrobe, but was thin and in shape. Liquid Chris claimed his original youtube account was hacked long ago and a fat troll who was impersonating him was the man seen in most of the videos uploaded to Christian Weston Chandler’s youtube page.

Chris became furious over this, especially after Liquid Chris claimed he had found a girlfriend who was impressed over his Sonichu comics. A female troll was soon recruited to play Liquid’s girlfriend Kacey. Kacey inexplicably called Chris pretending that she was oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t speaking to Liquid, and in turn Chris pretended to be Liquid. During the call he tried to lure her over to his house, while Kacey continually insulted the “fat imposter” only to have Chris break character to come to his defense. 

After Kacey learned that she didn’t actually speak with Liquid, she called Chris back frightened and crying that she fell for his charade. Despite telling him off, she would call Chris again to have a friendly conversation, and would become his new confidant and love interest, creating a love triangle with him and Liquid.

Kacey unearthed a new set of embarrassing Chris details through a series of over 20 phone calls. One of the most famous calls involved Kacey trying to get Chris to exercise. Chris said his man-boobs bounced around too much and asked if he should get a sports bra. On her recommendation, he went to Wal-Mart and got measured, leaving the store with a number of bras and sending her pictures of him in them.

As much as Kacey was trolling Chris, in doing so she also made an attempt to try to better his life. She would constantly try to get him to exercise, eat healthy, and apply to jobs, all of which Chris made a minimal effort to do. But like all of Chris’s girlfriends after a number of months, the charade was taking up too much time and she needed an out. This took place in the form of a phone call Kacey arranged between Chris and someone playing her father, under the false pretense that she was becoming interested in Chris as more of a friend, and first wanted dad’s approval of him.

Kacey’s father, a tough-guy, Marine, Republican, whose mother died on 9/11, was not impressed by Chris’s welfare lifestyle. He loudly questioned Chris’s work ethic, sexuality, diet, and patriotism, and even threatened to kick his ass when Chris admitted that, in his one real-life encounter with Kacey, he kept trying to touch her because he was “nervous”. In the aftermath of the call, Kacey lost interest in Chris and started re-pursuing Liquid.

Now trolls looked for other ways to torment Chris. These included Craigslist pranks such as listing his car for sale, as well as putting up male-to-male personal ads on the site complete with his address and phone number. His homophobia was also taken advantage of during this time thanks to a fan who bought ad space on Chris’s Sonichu site, to advertise pro-gay messages on the top of the page.

Chris again sought solace in the internet only to find another troll as a girlfriend. In April 2010, he set up a profile on a dating website called The Hook Café. Like his earlier sign, the profile contained racism, hypocrisy over women’s weight, and lies about his own body size:
"I am looking for good time(s) with a woman; I'm not getting any younger. I would like a 21-28 year old woman with a pretty face, a sexy slim to average body and an honest and compassionate personality. Show me your honest and sweet interest and love, and I'll show you a good time. Hit me up with an e-mail with your photo and digits, and I will respond quickly in suit. Smokers, overweights, blacks and liars need not apply.

*Gender: Man

*Current Status: Single
Looking for: Friends with benefits, Some Action, Casual Dating
Body Type: Average, Muscular, Height/Weight proportionate
*Eyes: L= Blue, R= Green
*Height: 5' 10"

*Hair Type: Brown

*Age: 28

*Seeks: Woman for dating, Woman for friendship"

After finding this, trolls set up a profile of their own. Using images of a porn model, they created a profile for a girl named Jackie who contacted Chris to talk about their mutual enjoyment of video games. Chris responded by saying, “You would just have fun playing my games (if that's your pleasure), and I think you'd have fun playing me too. LOL.”

The email correspondence continued and again more embarrassing details poured out. The small stuff were things like Chris believed in Santa Claus until he was 15 or 16, but the more intriguing were his problems with the law. 

Prior to this it had been known that Chris had gotten in trouble for trespassing at the mall and for cursing out Mary Lee Walsh at school. He confined in Jackie that the mall incident involved him bothering a girl who worked at the Starbucks Kiosk, and causing a disturbance by yelling “NOOOOO!” when authorities asked him to leave. 

In a separate incident he had been handcuffed at a Target store and charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. He also lamented that he had been banned from The Game Place, the hobby and card store he used to frequent, after getting in a loud confrontation with a young black child in 2008.

Jackie encouraged Chris to go back and protest his ban with a sit-in a la Ghandi or Martin Luther King. Chris took her up on this and showed up at The Game Place, only to be told by an employee that he was not welcome. He left after being told the police would be called, but vowed to come back when the manager was there.

The next day, Chris showed up again, and asked to talk with manager Michael Snyder. Snyder consistently told Chris that he would not unban him and picked up the phone to call the police before Chris left. Thinking that Snyder was discriminating against him for being Autistic, Chris documented their conversation on a hidden digital recorder and uploaded it to his youtube account. The video only further damned Chris by documenting comments like, Snyder was “possibly a Jew considering his last name”. The full conversation went like this: 

Chris: Hello, Michael. I see, uh... You've been, I see you're looking well. Haven't changed much since, for the past almost two years. And, yeah, it has been, uh, almost two years since... uh what happened, uh, June- June 2008. But, uh, I came back hoping that, uh, we could put that behind us and...

Michael: No.

Chris: Come on. I mean, it has been almost two years, and it's just been on my mind for so long, just be...

Michael: No.

Chris: But can't we just forgive and forget?

Michael: No.

Chris: C'mon, to have this...

Michael: No.

Chris: ...weight on my back...

Michael: No.

Chris: And I have really...

Michael: No.

Chris: ...missed coming here.

Michael: No. No. You need to leave now.

Chris: I'm, I'm a better person...

Michael: You need to leave now.

Chris: C'mon, what? Come on, dude...

Michael: No! You need to leave now.

Chris: How can you be so heartless? I mean, you're, I mean, you're obviously not as mean as one of those trolls I've been dealing with...

Michael: You need to leave now.

Chris: I mean, come on, I mean, obviously you have something against me, (beeping noises are heard, possibly Michael dialing 9-1-1) because aside from the Wii incident, I just would like to know what. Come on. Gimme a break. Alright, fine, I'll leave. (Angrily) But I hope that God will forgive you for being so heartless and cruel, Michael Snyder!

Michael: He probably Will.

Chris: JEW!

After continuing to ask that they meet in person, Chris was able to set up a date with Jackie at the Starbucks Kiosk (the same one where his trespassing problems started). Jackie never showed up, which was blamed on a “miscommunication”. Chris also asked that she start calling him on the phone, but she said her cell plan didn’t allow or accept free calls outside of family members on the same plan.
He did however wise up to one part of the scheme, telling Jackie he couldn’t send her “sexy videos” because trolls always seem to uncover them. Upon Chris’s refusal to do this, as well as his refusal to Jackie’s requests that he get off welfare and find a job, the emails from Jackie started to take a nagging tone. After 15 days of correspondence Chris suggested they go their separate ways.

For the rest of that April, and the entirety of May and June, 2010, Chris seemed to reach a new level of brokenness. On May 8th he posted a youtube video showing him severely depressed and paranoid. He blamed Greene County, Virginia of conspiring against him dating back to his elementary school days. 

He claimed the school board threatened to put him in a mental institution and forced his family to move to a new school system (upon researching the location of the supposed institution it was found that the town had no mental wards, but did have a well-established school that specialized in teaching autistic children). He went on to say that his family had a great life in Chesterfield County and he had a lot of friends at the high school but, upon his graduation, Greene County again conspired against the family. By supposedly paying off all the realtors in town to make sure their old house wouldn’t sell, the county forced the Chandler’s to give up their Chesterfield property and move back in to their old home.                

Chris further claimed this was all done because the Greene County powers that be were “afraid of autistic individuals”, ignoring the logic that if they were actually afraid of him and conspiring against him they would have made sure he didn’t moved back. His paranoia got even deeper with him saying he bet Greene County had something to do with Michael Snyder “to make him pretend to have a reason to kick me out, quote-unquote 'scaring his customers away!'’

Where as Chris used to hide from the real world in CWCvlile, behind Sonichu cartoons, he had replaced this with an influx of video game purchases. During this time he was experiencing financial problems having overdrawn his credit card with impulsive spending. He made his parents furious by leaving them to bail him out of an almost $800 debt, and to make cash tried to find employment only to be rejected.

Thinking that he could kill two birds with one stone, taking care off both his romantic and monetary problems, Chris revealed to Jackie that he had applied for work at  “Naughty & Nice Escort Service” but was turned down. He tried to work independently as a gigolo by printing out cards advertising himself as “Carlos Chantor: Experienced for Her Pleasure” and passed them around discretely, along with a listing on, but received no calls.

The continued emails with Jackie greatly lifted Chris’s spirits and helped unearth new content for the trolls. He had again fallen in to the trap and by the end of the month was signing his emails, “XOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3”. Jackie asked him if he had any sexual fantasies, saying she wanted to have anal sex. Chris misconstrued this by saying he was down for anal sex as long as she used a strap-on that wasn’t penis shaped.

At the same time that Jackie was just another in a long line of “girls” to cruelly torment Chris, like Kacey she also made an attempt to better him. She told him to stop spending his welfare money lavishly on video games, and warned him he needed to make credit card payments larger than the $50 minimum. 

Jackie got especially mad at Chris when he told her he had applied for another credit card without telling his parents, who had to pay off the last one. Chris begrudgingly accepted her nagging in every email, clinging to her promise that they would be meeting in person on August 18th. Magically on August 17th, Jackie had to delay her trip due to car problems and rescheduled for August 30th.

Chris did not seem to mind the cancellation, and actually made strides to impress Jackie over her concerns about his video game habits. After having accidentally reformatted his Playstaton 3’s memory, Chris decided to part with what he once called his “life upgrade” acknowledging that it now represented years of time spent being lonely. However instead of selling it for a few hundred dollars that could go towards his debt, he decided to run over it with his car.

The idea behind this was that Clyde Cash had previously offered a $9,000 bounty for anyone who could destroy Chris’s PS3. In the same email where Chris told Jackie, “my gameplay on my PS3, which was tainted in the darkness of loneliness, can now be gameplay of the Light of Happiness from the Romance between you and me” he noted of the PS3 and the bounty, “and with the reward, I can get the newer, slimmer version“. 

Despite the fact that Clyde Cash had already perpetrated a number of dubious acts against Chris, the least of which was raping his ex-girlfriend (in Chris’s mind at least), he stated, “I’m trusting Clyde to come through on the deal.” Chris never received the money and was again left hanging alone at the mall where Clyde said he would meet up with him to give him the reward.

Chris sold of a bunch of his old video games and consoles but used the money to buy a new PS3. Unimpressed, Jackie told him he needed to return it but Chris replied that he wouldn’t and asked if they were still on for the third attempt at their first date which was scheduled for the next day. Jackie refused to show up. 

The relationship came to a standpoint where Jackie demanded Chris give up his PS3 for her, while Chris demanded she meet with him in person. It would be Chris who caved-in, agreeing to sell off more of his older video games and to make drawings that Jackie had previously requested of the two of them having sex while other men looked on and masturbated. In the following days, also upon her request, he uploaded a video to youtube of himself in blackface.

From this point on Jackie became only a vessel to request embarrassing videos from Chris. While he dressed up in drag and various other costumes, and made one video of himself discussing his bowel incompetence, he had apprehensions about making one where he weighed himself on a scale. By the end of October, the constant requests became demands with Jackie saying, “You WILL do all these things, or I will NOT be coming to meet you”. The two broke up again.

The second end to his relationship with Jackie marked another wilderness period for Chris. What ended this drought was a simple sentence. On March 30, 2011, Chris updated his Playstation online account with the quote, “I am Tomgirl”. For the next month fans speculated as to what this meant. Some light was shed on April 29th, with pictures leaked of Chris dressed as a woman, though nothing else was unearthed until trolls set up an internet forum called “Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia”.

By late May, Chris discovered the forum, totally unaware that it was a trap and started posting in it. In a thread titled “Coming out to my parents” Chris talked about how his parents had turned on him over his cross-dressing, lamenting over the fact his dad called him a fag, yet in the same post complaining that people confused “tomgirls” with “homos”. In another post he talked about how he started using the women’s restroom in public places despite complaints from other restroom patrons.

During this time, Chris again rekindled his relationship with Jackie and made a number of later leaked private videos for her. While none of them were pornographic by definition, they were still humiliating.

The first set of videos were titled “Chris and Jackie’s Date” all of which were shot while Chris was wearing woman’s clothing and makeup. In the videos Chris again interacts with a blow-up doll, this time dancing with it and later making out with it while sitting in his front lawn.

In another one, Chris fulfills Jackie’s request by singing and booty-dancing to a rap song while in a Wal-Mart public changing room wearing a short skirt and panties. This was followed by another requested video titled “Cakefarts” in which Chris sits his bare-ass onto a chocolate cake and in a moment of clarity asks himself at the end, “What the hell am I doing here?”

“What the hell am I doing here?” would be a good question to be asked on October 28, 2011. On that day Chris and his equally crazy mother, Barbara Chandler, had a run in with The Game Place, the game and hobby store that had previously banned Chris for his unruly behavior, and had in the previous year called the police on him for violating that ban. What followed was three felony and two misdemeanor charges between the two of them.

In an email which was later leaked, Chris claimed the store had a sign up saying, “Under New Ownership of Mike & Madeline”. He assumed this meant he would be welcomed back. In reality, Michael Snyder, the manager who had banned and called the police on Chris, had bought out the store’s previous owner. When Snyder saw Chris and Barb enter the store he promptly called the police.

Instead of leaving, Chris took a picture of Snyder, while screaming, “For the internet!” In Chris’s mind bringing Snyder internet exposure would damn him in the same way it had damned Chris, who had pinpointed his downfall into internet fame to a moment four years ago when a kid at The Game Place put up the first Chris photo on Encyclopedia Dramatica. 

Chris had even posted about Snyder on the “Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia” forum, delusionally saying that the store was, “a central or focal point of the Trolls’ plottings”. This missed the evidence that was right in front of him, the people behind the very forum he was posting on were the group of online strangers orchestrating his multi-year torment.

The Chandler’s left the store, but Snyder followed them out and stood behind their car so that they could not escape before police arrived. Chris backed out into Snyder, knocking him over. He then switched seats with Barb who proceeded to do the same thing, hitting Snyder with the car. Barb called the police but fled the scene of the accident. 

The police caught up to them at a traffic light and had the Chandler’s step out of the car. As Chris explained it in the email, “I was about to be handcuffed, but I would not have another handcuffing so I fought, I was pinned, and I was handcuffed.” 70-year-old Barbara Chandler also chose to physically fight the police, and also ended up in cuffs. They would both be jailed before the Reverend of their church came to post bail. 

While they were charged with failure to stop, trespassing, and assault (both Class 1 assault and assault on a law enforcement official), Chris was convinced that when things went to court Michael Snyder would be the one in trouble for luring Chris to his store with the new ownership sign. Chris ended his email with the prediction, “we will find Michael Guilty of being a Troll/Cyber Bully among those who have been pestering, deceiving, tricking, blackmailing, etc, me for about 4 years now”.

Chris clearly believed in his conspiracy against Snyder and uploaded his facebook page with a picture of one of The Game Place’s business cards, with the words “Cyber Bullie’s Hang Out! STAY FAR AWAY!” crudely photoshopped on it. He also had the idea to start distributing these cards while loitering at the mall. 

Where as Chris had previously went to the mall as a naïve harmless man-child on a quest to find his true love, in a matter of years he returned transformed into a bitter man (sometimes in women’s clothing) with violent tendencies, on a quest to ruin the life of an innocent person.

At this point the trolling of Chris had gotten so bad that he received non-stop calls to his cell phone. After a week of getting in trouble for continuing to loiter at the mall, the final straw came on March 31 when Chris received another harassing call and loudly cursed at the person on the other end. This resulted in Chris being chased by security and upon his capture being permanently banned from the mall. With his mall troubles as well as a revelation that he had hired a prostitute, he wasn’t doing a good job at making himself look good for the upcoming trial, which was scheduled for July 10.

How did things come to this point? What if Chris’s parents had put him in the school that specialized in autistic children, and given him the proper care he needed? If his life, particularly his internet activity, had been properly monitored, would it ever get to the point where he faced jail time for running over Michael Snyder? Would it have even gotten to the point where he was sexually harassing girls? And while we’re asking questions, how were authorities able to do next to nothing in terms of finding any of Chris’s tormentors?

Yes Chris’s trolls deserved their day in court. In Chris's mind this may have been what the upcoming trial was, Chris vs. Michael Snyder, the man he thought was behind all of the trolling. But in the real world, Chris and Barbara were on trial, and they faced very real felony charges.

July 10th came and fans traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia, to provide the CWCki an account of the trial. Barbara would go first and plead guilty. Before Chris went up, the prosecution was given a chance to speak and offered a plea deal, which included the Chandler’s having to pay for Michael Snyder’s court fees and medical expenses.

The defense’s attorney spoke next. Rob Bell, a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates who was a member of the same church as the Chandlers, was representing them. Bell introduced Chris as a “High functionally Autistic” and later referred to him as an “Adult-autistic-child”. He said that if the judge accepted the plea bargain that the prosecution offered, Chris would be assimilated into the world, taught how to contribute to society, and get psychiatric evaluations and treatment. 

After Bell finished, it was Chris’s turn. He did not show up dressed in his full tomgirl regalia, opting instead for slacks and a flannel shirt, but was wearing lipstick, eye shadow, and had his hair done in a feminine way.

When the judge asked him, “Do you understand that you are to pay Michael John Snyder for his medical expenses?” Chris answered, “Yes, but I don’t think that THIEVING LIAR deserves a red cent!” The judge dismissed this comment, and asked if Chris willingly pleaded guilty and if this was his own conscious choice. Chris hesitated and finally answered, “yes”.

The judge accepted the guilty plea, and Barbara and Chris were both found guilty of failing to stop at the scene of an accident, while Barb was additionally guilty of assaulting an officer. Barb was sentenced to community service and two years of probation, while Chris was sentenced to community service, one year of probation, and mandatory psychiatric evaluation and treatment. If he failed to comply with the probationary terms, he would face jail time.

The next day Chris went online and confirmed this account of the trial was true. Other than updated facebook photos, it would be his last online footprint for the next three months, until he made the following facebook post, which has been one of his last to date:

October 21, 2012
"I send out this message to all people, especially the Trolls and Cyber-Bullies on the Internet.
I, Christian Weston Chandler, am guilty of a lot of things that have been mistakenly uploaded and leaked online; I have for a long time been stricken and made beyond crestfallen by the repercussions of my actions and words. And great mockery and egging has befallen me for years now, and it seriously needs to stop now. There are no "laughs" longer to be made at my expense, and the running gag is at the end of its tracks. It is better to Forgive and Forget, as told by Jesus, our lord, and is the way of our almighty God. So to everybody who has felt wronged with stuff I have done in the past, I am really, sincerely sorry. All I ask is for everybody's forgiveness and for everybody to forget my mistakes, errors, everything. Please, just forget about me in total; please, disband all online groups and individual hatreds against me; please, remove everything about me off of the Internet, your minds, and your hearts."

So that’s the story as it stands now, the main story at least. There are many more side plots, so if you want to hear about people getting eaten alive by bugs, Chris’s crazy family, and how his life synchs up with Pink Floyd’s rock opera The Wall (it actually does!), stay tuned for the book. In the meantime you can check out the CWCki at


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  3. He has only gotten more out of control. The court ordered therapy can't work. His continued harassment and threats are not considered a violation of the restraining order or his probation by Dave Chapman or the Charlottesville police. Greene County, on the other hand has lost their patience with him and his public outbursts. He is soon going to be answering for his behavior.