Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ergs! (2000-2008)

(originally from December 14, 2008)

If The Ergs! never reunite they will likely go down with Operation Ivy as bands who achieved most of their recognition after they broke up. In the time after they announced they were calling it quits they were already showing signs of this, I saw kids at school who got had t-shirts, and the band got on a tour with Less Than Jake. Even days after they broke up I noticed that the band got a posthoumus wikipedia article written about them. I'm guilty to getting into the band late myself. The first Ergs song I heard was"Kind Of Like Smitten" and based on that I wrote the band off as another cheesy pop punk band. But it was their set at the 2007 Insubordination Fest that won me over, when the band better showcased more of their catalogue. Their performance of Most Violent Rap Group/Pray For Rain was probably the best performance included on the Insubordination Fest DVD.

Here it is so you can see it yourself, I love that kid in the yellow shirt at 3:01 into the video, who's throwing his hands up and screaming the "how everything's gone wrong" part of the song. There's obviously a big emotional connection between the lyrics and the fans.

Eventually I bought The Ergs! first album Dorkrockcorkrod, and was not disappointed. The album is has the most heartfelt and emotional, songs about life's relationships since the Descendents or Green Day's first album and early EP's. Dorkrockcorkrod was like emo minus any whining.

Before their breakup I always thought the band was the best out of that whole New York/New Jersey underground pop punk scene, and of all the bands who frequented the pop punk bored, were the most likely to get signed to a major, or at least get a deal with a large minor label like Fat Wreck. Obviously this won't happen now, but It'll be interesting to see where the band members will go from here. Much like The Damned broke up in 1978 and re-formed within the next year, I could see The Ergs! doing the same thing. There is already a large amount of fans including friends of the band trying to get them to reform for this years Insubordination Fest. But if The Ergs! don't reunite any time soon all eyes will be on the bands singer/drummer Mikey Erg. In the past Mikey has stayed in the background and drummed for lesser bands like The Unlovables and Short Attention, who's goofy songs come nowhere close to those of The Ergs! Hopefully instead of keeping stuff like this up Mike will soon front another band, but until then we'll have The Ergs! catalogue to listen to.

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