Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Interview with Dangerous Dave

(originally from August 18, 2008)

So a few weeks ago I wrote an article about The Bugs, and Dangerous Dave was kind enough to drop me a comment. Dave was then kind enough to answer some questions, so enjoy this interview with the guy who's brought us hours of entertainment with The Bugs, The Queers, and John Cougar Concentration Camp.

David: The Bugs are based in San Diego, and The Queers in New Hampshire, is it hard to juggle between two bands on separate sides of the country?

Dangerous Dave: No not at all. The Queers tour a few times a year and The Bugs will begin touring soon. That might be a little hard but whatever.

David: How'd you hook up with Joe and become a member of The Queers?

Dangerous Dave: There was a couple open spots around late 1997, Chris (of John Cougar Concentration Camp) had been on a previous tour that year and recommended me, which was a smart move.

David: You left The Queers after Pleasant Screams, what was the reason for this, and what happened that made you rejoin?

Dangerous Dave: There was a bunch of shit going on behind the scenes that I really can’t get into. In short, Joe and I didn’t talk for about four years or so and now I’m back.

David: Prior to The Queers you were John Cougar Concentration Camp, which has to have one of the funniest band names I've ever heard, who came up with the name?

Dangerous Dave: Chris came up with John Cougar Concentration Camp. Great fucking name.

David: Did it inadvertently attract the nazi punk crowd?

Dangerous Dave: No however, we were playing the Whiskey in Hollywood one night and they had our name on the marquee. Some bitch that worked at the Holocaust Museum drove by and tried to get it shut down. She went up to us and confronted our roadie and started shouting out “Racist! Racist!”. He replied “I’m a fucking Mexican you dumb bitch!” It was pretty funny cause he is.

David: How long were you with JCC did you play on their song for song cover album of Too Tough To Die?

Dangerous Dave: I played on all the full length albums, the 10” and Too Tough To Die. I sang Warthog and Endless Vacation on that. That’s also my jacket on the cover!

David: Why did you choose that one out of all the Ramones albums? Right now Too Tough To Die is my favorite album of theirs, but a lot of people don't consider it all that special.

Dangerous Dave: We picked that one cause it was the next one in line. At that time Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Vindictives and MTX had done earlier ones.

David: You and The Queers did a tour with Marky Ramone what was it like meeting him?

Dangerous Dave: Marky’s a good guy. It was amazing playing with that guy. Like Joey said “He’s the best drummer in the world.”

David: Any one else you've been psyched to meet through playing in a somewhat known punk rock band?

Dangerous Dave: The Queers opened up for Dick Dale a while back. That was awesome. We sat around after the show and shot the shit with him.

David: At what point did you decide to write a song about how lame Dave Navarro's Goatee was?

Dangerous Dave: I figured it was about time someone talked shit about that faggot.

David: Do you know if he's heard the song?

Dangerous Dave: I can only hope. I heard he shaved off his goatee, I like to think it was cause of me but who knows, maybe he wised up.

David: Any other musicians have facial hair that you can't stand?

Dangerous Dave: Charlie Daniels.

David: What does the future hold for The Bugs and The Queers, any other project you're playing in or thinking of starting?

Dangerous Dave: Tour, records, shameless promotion and fucking young girls. I'm too busy with the two bands as it is.

David: What's your favorite and least favorite albums that you've played on?

Dangerous Dave: All the albums I’ve played on are good. I don’t have a least favorite or a favorite. They’re all in they’re own respects.

David: Is it ever uncomfortable when relatives ask what band you're playing in? I'd find it awkward telling my grandmother I was in John Cougar Concentration Camp or The Queers.

Dangerous Dave: My whole family is dead.

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  1. Nice Interview Dude! i would say that Dangerous Dave is one of the greatest punk rock bassists of all time!
    And by the way, i also have a blog called Cretins and Bubblegums" it features almost all about Punk Rock! If you have time, try checkin it out! Cheers Dude!